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Our Story

'Styles come and go.  Good design is a language, not a style'   Massimo Vignelli

I've spent my whole career working as a freelance textile designer and have absolutely loved it.  I set up a design collective called First Eleven Studio and was lucky enough to find fantastic designers to work with.

Last year we decided to go off in different directions for no other reason than that all good things come to an end.  We had been super-successful for three decades.  We had worked with the best and most exciting companies all over the globe and exhibited extensively in America and Europe, mostly feeling as free as birds to design what we liked, without too many strictures or boundaries. Our self-imposed design brief was simple; make sure you create something you yourself would like to live with .. if you honestly love what you've designed, it'll have passion and therefore be good.  This seemed to work and First Eleven became known for being uncompromisingly contemporary with good, solid, imaginative designs that were different in some way, quirky sometimes and always with wonderful colour.  I can say all this with confidence as it was said to me so many times.

But it's time to move on now and here we are, my husband and partner Patrick and I, continuing along our creative path.  With undiminished love of colour and fabric, the format of a cushion appealed.  We like the format, structure and function of a cushion and it means I can still play with colour! ... and for the first time we can see something all the way through, from conception to a useful finished product.

Do follow us on Instagram @jennyfreandesign for a visual account of our story.  Don't hesitate to leave comments about what you think and we hope you enjoy our products as much as we have enjoyed bringing them to life.

Jenny Frean  RDI MA(RCA)

We may have the cushion cover you want in stock, but if not, we immediately put your order into production.  This may take up to 4 weeks.

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